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The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation calls for us to slow down and just be.

Our fast-paced lifestyles leave little space for calm, and nowadays we're all available via our cellphones after hours too. Many of us have forgotten what it's like to be present without distraction. A regular meditation practice helps us come back to ourselves, our bodies, and to embrace stillness.

Whilst medtation is an an excellent antidote to stress, the benefits of meditation go far beyond stress relief alone and the act of meditation is valuable for our health on many levels.

10 Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduces stress - stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation.
  • Controls anxiety - meditation can reduce stress levels, which translates to less anxiety.
  • Promotes emotional health - some forms of meditation can lead to improved self-image and a more positive outlook on life.
  • Enhances self-awareness - for example, self-inquiry meditation explicitly aims to help you develop a greater understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you.
  • Lengthens attention span - focused-attention meditation is like weight lifting for your attention span. It helps increase the strength and endurance of your attention.
  • May reduce age-related memory loss - reviews have found preliminary evidence that multiple meditation styles can increase attention, memory, and mental quickness in older volunteers.
  • Can generate kindness - some types of meditation may particularly increase positive feelings and actions toward yourself and others.
  • May help fight addictions - meditation develops mental awareness and can help you manage triggers for unwanted impulses. This can help you recover from addiction, manage unhealthy eating, and redirect other unwanted habits.
  • Improves sleep - a variety of meditation techniques can help you relax and control runaway thoughts that can interfere with sleep. This can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and increase sleep quality.
  • Can decrease blood pressure - blood pressure decreases not only during meditation but also over time in individuals who meditate regularly. This can reduce strain on the heart and arteries, helping prevent heart disease.

Meditation Tools & Aids

The TRIBE Zafu Meditation Cushion

This cleverly designed little cushion raises up the hips so the sacrum tilts forward very slightly, keeping the back straight. Sitting on a traditional meditation cushion like the Zafu adds comfort to your meditation practice, improves posture, and relieves pressure.

The TRIBE Zabuton Meditation Mat

Another option to create comfort during meditation is a cushioned mat. Mats are super versatile - you can sit directly on the mat to relieve pressure from your knees, ankles, and back; or pair it with a Zafu cushion for even more comfort. If you choose to lie down during your practice, you can use the Zabuton under your upper body to cushion your back and head, and a cushion or pillow under your knees to support your legs.

The TRIBE Still Me Eye Pillow

For an extra relaxing touch, a gentle eye pillow will help you go deeper into relaxation. Still Me Eye Pillows are perfect for supporting restoration during your meditation or savasana practice, and they're also fantastic for soothing tired eyes after a long day in front of your computer.

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