• Earth Me

    100% natural rubber & jute yoga mats

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    Earth Me
    3 Earth Me yoga mats (olive, amethyst, cosmos) against a #8 wire fence n paddock | TRIBE Yoga
  • Good Vibe Yoga Gear

    made by yogis for yogis

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    Good Vibe Yoga Gear
    Female yogi wearing crop top & stretch pants carrying a yoga mat under her right arm | TRIBE Yoga
  • Inspired by you...

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    Inspired by you...
    Female yogi with left leg outstretched held by both hands | TRIBE Yoga
  • Yoga Mats & Props

    designed to support your practice (baby not included!)

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    Yoga Mats & Props
    Mother in child pose with toddler on her back | TRIBE Yoga
3 yogis (2 female + 1 male) standing together holding yoga mats, laughing together | TRIBE Yoga

The global yoga tribe is made up of a diverse mix of people practising an ever-increasing range of yoga styles

We take our inspiration from you to create a range of yoga gear to help you extend, bend, grip, stretch, move, groove and relax - no matter what your style

TRIBE is a New Zealand owned and operated brand

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