About us

Hi, thanks for visiting TRIBE Yoga, we’re excited to welcome you here and to be able to tell you a little about ourselves.

Our life began back in 2008 when we were founded by Ingrid Edwards, a yoga teaching single mum of two, looking to supplement her yoga teaching income, and frustrated with the lack of availability of good quality yoga gear in New Zealand.

Yes, we’re a Kiwi company started around a kitchen table here in sunny Napier, Hawke’s Bay, and our first manufacturing plant was the shed!

We still manufacture some of our products here in New Zealand but have expanded our range and reach that has necessitated having our products manufactured in select factories around the globe. We've personally visited these factories that produce our TRIBE yoga gear to ensure that they meet our high production, environmental and ethical standards, and we’ve built strong relationships with them and trust them to do great work.

We've done the legwork to find products that look great, perform even better and are fairly priced.

Fit, form and function must be right, and we design accordingly - take our bolsters, our first ever product, now in its third iteration and loved by yoga enthusiasts the world over, check out its story here…

Another great example is our Zafu Meditation Cushion - we noticed from community feedback that people were struggling to find a meditation cushion that was comfortable and supportive, and we felt that this was because meditation cushions were typically designed for the universal frame and not the Kiwi frame! Well, we’re Kiwis and New Zealand is our home so we set about creating a meditation cushion for us, and we’re delighted to report that it’s been a phenomenal success and now supports the meditation practice of many a Kiwi and Aussi yogi.

We’d love to have the opportunity to introduce you to our good vibe yoga gear too, so please click here to see the range…

The global yoga TRIBE is made up of a diverse mix of people practising an ever-increasing range of yoga styles and we take our inspiration from you to create a range of yoga gear to help you extend, bend, grip, stretch, move, groove and relax - no matter what your style.

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