Get a Grip Mat Towel

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TRIBE brings you a plush new yoga towel for those who like your yoga hot!

You start to drip and Get A Grip starts to do just that - grip.

Designed to fit over our TRIBE yoga mats (or yoga mats that are 610mm wide x 1800mm long) the silicone numbs on the reverse side ensure the towel grips to the mat and doesn't bunch up under your hands and feet like a conventional cotton towel will.

As you begin to perspire the microfibre technology grips to your hands and feet to stop you sliding. You'll be able to stay focused on your practice!

So both the top and bottom surfaces of the towel are working hard to keep you from slipping and soak up the sweat without getting soggy.

The Get A Grip won't disappoint. The fabric is quick dry so you can wash and dry your towel overnight.


  • 1830mm x 620mm - fits over most yoga mats
  • 620gms
  • Silicone grip nubs on the back keep towel in place
  • Plush microfibre fabric keeps you from slipping
  • Sweat activated grip 
  • Dampen down before use for instant grip