Cork Block - Slim

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This core yoga prop will prove to be an invaluable tool during your practice. This slim size block is useful in standing forward folds when you can't reach the floor and supports the spine during back bends. It can be used like a mini bolster and to prop limbs in restorative poses.

We bring you these sustainable natural cork blocks because they are strong and stable. If you use a block often for gripping between the thighs or arms overhead to build strength then this block is a better option than the standard size block.

If you want a softer, lighter weight block you would choose a TRIBE Foam Block.


  • 230mm x 150mm x 75mm (3" x 6" x 9")
  • Weight 0.82 kg
  • Sustainable cork material
  • Cork is 100% natural tree bark 
  • Great for thigh /overhead arm grips
  • Can support you whole body weight
  • Comfortable contoured edges
  • If you want an much lighter block choose foam.